About Us

Betsy House's firm is located in the quaint coastal town of Stonington, Connecticut where there is high demand to keep the historical integrity of homes. While Betsy enjoys designing in varied styles, she demonstrates a unique ability to combine elements appropriate to cottage kitchens of the area with highly stylized details tailored to her clients' needs and tastes. Betsy House graduated from Denison University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in Interior Design. In 1984, Betsy completed a six month internship and training course at Signature Kitchens & Baths in addition to the NKBA CKD course. In 1989, she established Kitchen & Bath Designs, LLC By Betsy House. With over 25 years of experience in the Kitchen & Bath industry, her work has been published in numerous magazines and books.

House works closely with architects and designers to ensure that all rooms are integrated into well-designed, functional spaces. As a result of the working relationships developed during these projects, the majority of her clientele comes through referrals from other design professionals as well as previous clients. Kitchen & Bath Designs LLC employ a talented team who offer full service space planning, design plus sales and installation. The showroom and studio provide an ample number of displays and samples while retaining a warm and inviting atmosphere clients feel comfortable in.

Kitchen & Bath Designs, LLC offers a comprehensive range of services. Emphasis on design makes us unique in the industry. We offer an initial consultation at our studio, at no charge. The objective is to share our work from our extensive portfolio, provide information on potential investment ranges, and discuss the scope of your project.

About HouseKitchens.com

HouseKitchens is here to help you enjoy your life to the fullest. Our team works around the clock, intending to bring value to everyone's life. Here, you can easily find thousands of lists reviewing top products essential for your home and kitchen. We work independently and receive no profit from any organization to promote their products. As a result, you can completely trust us for the in-depth research, reviews, evaluations, and information we provide.

Which products we list

We understand that many products come with features that are unneeded for typical clients. They can be effective when advertising a product, but they are rarely helpful in actuality. The most costly model with fancy features is not always the best model to meet the needs of buyers. In our shopping suggestions, we propose the same products that we would buy for our family and friends, as well as those that we would choose for ourselves.

Not a thing on Earth is "one-size-fits-all". As a result, our specialists detail numerous common circumstances that consumers may encounter and decide the ideal item for each of them. 

How we pick products to review

We begin our research by looking through the top information sources accessible today. Following that, we carefully test various, if not hundreds, products that are most popular and high-rated on the market. The next stage is to create a short list of the best items and conduct an in-depth analysis of each of them.