Best Espresso Machines 2023: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

Sarah Brighton
  Feb 8, 2023 6:11 AM

It is extremely wonderful and inspiring for you to take a coffee every morning when waking up. If you are seeking out the Best Espresso Machines, the guide of the article can be a great important point.

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The best automatic espresso machine for home is one of the top choices for coffee fans. It is said that when you own an automatic espresso machine like you are a professional barista in your kitchen.

Grinding the beans, extracting the espresso as well as heating the milk is all that the best automatic espresso machine can help you… Let’s find out the top 5 automatic espresso machines below.

best automatic espresso machine

Best Automatic Espresso Machines

1. Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

The Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is perhaps the best espresso machine you can get if you’re new to brewing your coffee. However, experienced users will also find it to be a suitable option.


  • It has a fast start-up time for steaming milk and making espresso.
  • The base slides on and off easily, which helps in easy cleaning.
  • The deep tray for water makes sure there are no spills.
  • You can make drinks according to your preferred specifications.


  • Cleaning instructions are hard to understand.
  • Basket retention is poor.

This Breville machine is not only quick to brew your drink, but it is also quite simple and easy to use. With this, you can make what is perhaps the best tasting espresso drink you’ve ever had. One of the greatest things about this machine is the user manual that comes with it. It is very easy to understand.

With just some practice, the machine lets you make consistent and rich espresso shots. Plus, if you’re good enough, you might even be able to extract the nuanced flavor of your favorite premium-roast!

Besides, this unit can generate such silky milk froth that it will give your favorite barista a run for her money! Apart from the auto-froth setting, you can also steam the milk manually. The machine is compact, too, which makes it easy to fit in any kitchen.

The only thing with this unit that might trouble you is the cleaning instructions. They are a bit difficult to understand.

Bottom line

The Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is a potent little machine that is not only super-fast but is easy to use too. Both beginners and experts can enjoy consistent espresso shots with silky frothed milk!

2. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Espresso Maker is such a machine that promises easy operation and an affordable price tag in one unit.


  • Given its features and the coffee it brews, it can compete with a high-end machine
  • You can easily get the perfect crema each time!
  • It’s easy to set up and use
  • The drink comes out perfectly hot


  • The steam wand isn’t of high quality
  • It makes a little noise

This is a versatile machine that can brew your favorite drink using both pods and ground coffee. With its 15 bar pump, it pulls an excellent shot. What further adds to its versatility is its ability to make different drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

Moreover, it is equipped with several features. These include a cup heating tray to keep your cup warms, and a milk frothing pitcher and a stainless steel steam wand to experiment with different drinks.

In addition, it has a large water reservoir, so you don’t need to refill too frequently while the removable drip tray makes cleaning easy. Since it allows brewing both pods and ground coffee, you can use the unit to produce consistent results and to learn espresso making.

The only problem that can be a deal-breaker for this unit is its steam wand. Since it is not of high quality, it might not last for more than a year.

Bottom line

The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Espresso Maker is another excellent affordable espresso maker. Not only is it suitable for espresso lover, but is also an excellent option for those looking to make delicious coffee without spending too much money.

3. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot System

The Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot System can be best described as a hybrid machine for making both delicious cappuccino and espresso, without breaking the bank.


  • With the dual-shot brewing feature, you can make two shots at once
  • The machine provides a user-friendly experience with its One Touch Brew feature
  • Since it has a large reservoir for water, you don’t need to refill it frequently
  • The easy to remove and wash drip tray lets you make your coffee without making a mess


  • It doesn’t let you make steam and espresso together
  • The lifespan is relatively short

One of the greatest features of this espresso machine is that it lets you make a dark espresso while also letting you make creamy cappuccino and frothy latte. Like many other coffee machines, this one also has a 15-bar pump and provides the pressure you need to make your desired drink.

Another great thing about this coffee machine is its compact size, which means it can be used in smaller places too and don’t need dedicated counter space. Not to forget, it comes with a thermal heating system that provides even heating and great speed throughout.

Plus, with the removable drip tray, you can enjoy making creamy froth to top of your latte or cappuccino without worrying about making a mess.

However, it might not last you for a long time, so you can’t expect mouth-watering coffee from this for years.

Bottom line

If you just want a cheap espresso machine that promises you top-notch drinks, that too in a variety, then your best bet is Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot System.

4. KRUPS Steam Expresso Machine

The KRUPS Steam Expresso Machine is ideal for small spaces where traditional espresso machines would make a big mess. It’s capable of making all types of espresso drinks, while its sleek, compact design allows you to fit it between a toaster and a blender easily.


  • The model can be cleaned up in under 10 minutes
  • No water is left in the heating cavity when a brew cycle is completed
  • The instructions are extremely easy to follow
  • The unit is affordable and makes a great cup of coffee


  • The small plastic retainers for the carafe lid might break off after some time
  • The steam nozzle is a bit difficult to get to

With a holding capacity of four cups, the KRUPS espresso machine allows you to get through cold and drowsy mornings without fumbling with the replacement filters.

Although the unit isn’t equipped with lights or programmable menus, it still features an adjustable knob and steam nozzle to allow users to get the perfect blend of froth and flavor.

The KRUPS is also extremely easy to rinse and clean. The drip tray grid can be easily removed, so you can wash it as necessary.

However, the steam nozzle doesn’t swivel, so it’s a bit difficult to get to. Thus, you might need to pull the machine closer to the counter so you can squeeze the cup up to the nozzle.

Bottom line

Despite its small, sleek design, the KRUPS Steam Expresso Machine delivers a strong cup of coffee to wake up all of your senses in the mornings. To put it simply, it’s a simple, easy-to-use machine which can be personalized according to your preference.

5. Delonghi DEDICA Pump Espresso Machine

If you only want a small espresso machine that promises a steaming cup of deliciously brewed coffee, then your search might just end with the Delonghi DEDICA Pump Espresso Machine.


  • Running this is super easy
  • Its design is such that it lets you fill water easily
  • Cleaning is easier than most machines
  • It is relatively faster in brewing a cup of espresso


  • It starts to develop leaks after a few months of use
  • It tends to vibrate a lot

This is a sleek and compact machine, which hardly demands any space on the counter. Despite its small size, it has an impressive 35-ounce reservoir, which is enough to make a sufficient a number of shots.

Moreover, it has a dual-spout portafilter, with which you brew two shots simultaneously. Plus, you can also use an ESE pod with this machine. And of course, you can easily remove the drip tray and fit in a taller cup beneath the portafilter.

You might not expect a small machine to be versatile. However, using the steam wand that comes built-in in this unit, you can make lattes and cappuccinos too.

The only thing is, you might not be able to use it for a long time since it tends to leak after a few months of use.

Bottom line

The Delonghi DEDICA Pump Espresso Machine is best suited for all those espresso lovers that are short on space but can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning.

Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

As you know, the super-automatic espresso machines will help you do it all at the push of a button,  from grinding beans, making coffee to removing coffee grounds. We’ll breakdown best super-automatic espresso machines for you with objective reviews.

1. DELONGHI Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

The DeLonghi Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine is perhaps one of the best home espresso machines that come with a grinder so that you get the most out of your beans.


  • It’s versatile and can be used for making delicious cappuccinos and espressos.
  • Cleaning it is relatively easy and less time-consuming
  • The cappuccino frother is great and gives you the ideal froth
  • The design is compact yet durable, so it might last a long time


  • With time, there might be leaks
  • The beans sometimes get stuck in the grinder, depending on their size

As a combination machine, this unit is a great automatic machine. Perhaps, the greatest benefit of this is that it allows you to use any coffee grounds or beans. As a result, you can make not only espressos but cappuccinos as well.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in grinder, so you have the freedom to select the fineness of your beans, depending on your preference.

In addition, there are push-button controls for adjusting the unit and for turning it on and off, which means that operating it and getting it to make your desired drink is easy.

The only problem is that after some time of using it, you might start looking for other options as this can start leaking if you’re not extra careful.

Bottom line

Given its versatility and ease of use, the DeLonghi Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine can benefit anyone who loves alternating between mouth-watering espresso and cappuccinos.

2. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Sleek stainless steel finish, easy cleaning and maintenance, and user-friendly display make the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine a pleasure to use. Just fill the bean hopper and water tank, touch a button to start the machine and let it do its work.


  • Heated cup warming surface gives your coffee cup the correct degree of temperature
  • The adjustable spout makes it easy to adjust both ristretto and espresso
  • Wand frother gives your milky drinks the perfect froth
  • Rapid Steam Technology allows the water to heat up quickly


  • The water tank needs to be refilled frequently
  • The ground coffee duct is too narrow, and the coffee may get stuck

If you want a high-end espresso machine that makes a perfect cup of espresso without any hassle, then the Gaggia Brera is the machine for you. The coffee bin can hold a couple of cups of coffee while the transparent lid makes it easier to see how much beans are left.

The cleaning of this machine is very easy. It rinses once when you start it up, and once your coffee is ready, it rinses again when powered down. The display also warns you when it is time to descale. The cup warmer also allows you to warm the cups to keep your coffee fresh and hot.

This fully automatic machine gives you full control over your coffee. It supports both whole and ground coffee beans, thus giving you a greater variety to choose from. The LED display and push-button controls not only saves time but also makes for an intuitive experience.

The water tank of the Gaggia Brera is hardly big enough to hold two cups of coffee and needs to be refilled regularly.

Bottom Line

The Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine is a compact coffee maker that can handle anything from cappuccino to espresso. It is quiet, efficient, and has a simple interface that which will give you great-tasting coffee every time.

3. Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System

If you are looking for an espresso machine that will give a perfect cup of coffee without much effort, then the Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System is just right for you. This top-notch automatic machine is the best coffee maker for your office and home.


  • A versatile product which allows you to choose from cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and espresso with just the press of a button
  • 13 different settings with integrated steel burr grinder ensure optimum grind every time
  • Automatic cleaning machine enhances convenience
  • Latte Crema system delivers a mouth-watering espresso with a delicious layer of long-lasting foam


  • Does not operate well with oily, dark-roasted beans
  • A standard-sized coffee mug is hard to fit under the espresso dispensers

The Delonghi super-automati espresso machine is a versatile product that allows you to make a large variety of drinks with just the touch of a button. The simple programmable system on the touch screen is a highly convenient feature that makes it very easy to get your caffeine fix just the way you like it.

This espresso machine works with speed, which makes it a perfect product for a commercial setting. The milk starts frothing while the beans are grinding, thus helping in time-saving. By fine-tuning the density of the milk froth, you can enjoy a range of longer drinks to taste.

The automatic milk carafe cleaning feature further helps to save time. It automatically cleans itself with hot water and steam, thus making it perfect for offices where it can be difficult to maintain coffee machines.

The Delonghi does not grind oily beans because they don’t fall in. You have to stand by the coffee maker and push the beans into the grinder to get a full-strength cup of coffee.

Bottom Line

Speed, durability, and convenience render the Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System the ideal coffee maker. It is easier to use and does not require tiresome cleaning and maintenance. If you want to possess the ability to make all sorts of coffee, there is no better machine than this Delonghi unit!

4. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine is a commercial-grade machine that can provide you a coffee shop quality beverage while sitting at home.


  • The brass components and the stainless steel casing ensure the durability of the unit
  • Not only can you make different kinds of coffee with this, but you can also make tea too
  • It is easy to maintain given its removable water reservoir
  • The three different thermostats keep the temperature regulated


  • It is fairly expensive
  • Keeping in mind its price, more functionalities can be added

This is a relatively simple machine with the functionalities one needs to make a good cup of coffee. Since it is simple, operating it is a breeze. Plus, there is no programmable facility, which means the machine makes use of push-button technology.

While it is considered as a coffee machine for home, it provides the same results that a commercial-grade unit would, but at a comparatively lower price. For instance, the single boiler has an impressive capacity, and it produces excellent steaming, which is needed for the perfect cup of espresso.

Moreover, the detachable drip tray and water tank make the machine very easy to clean. The machine also promises smooth extraction.

However, at this price point, one can expect the company to add more functionalities.

Bottom line

If you like alternating between tea and different kinds of coffee, then you can surely benefit from the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, so make sure to add it to your list.

Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

For the most control over each espresso cup, a semi-automatic espresso machine is unrivaled, because the barista will choose the time to finish the espresso making process. We will provide you with the best semi-automatic espresso machines. Popular brands include such as Mr. Coffee, Smeg, De’Longhi or Breville…

1. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The Mr. Coffee Espresso & Cappuccino Maker is the only machine you need if you’re looking for convenience in a coffee maker.


  • One machine lets you make several kinds of drinks.
  • It comes with everything you need, such as a scoop and a water tank.
  • The setup is pretty easy to use.
  • Since most of the operation is automated, making a cup of coffee won’t take long.


  • It might not last for a long time.
  • The frother isn’t of top-notch quality.

The machine comes with several features such as an automatic frother and several brewing options. Moreover, the adjustable cup height on its tray makes it suitable for anyone wanting to experiment with the art of coffee making.

Besides, the machine comes with a removable reservoir which lets you store unused milk easily. Meanwhile, the water reservoir pops out easily too, which makes refilling no problem at all!

The machine also has a one-touch control panel that makes it convenient to select the drink you want. So, those looking for a quick and convenient way to get a good cup of latte, espresso, and cappuccino, etc. would find this to be a great choice.

However, the frother isn’t as good as it should have been and tends to add too much milk to the drink, which might be a problem.

Bottom line  

The Mr. Coffee Espresso & Cappuccino Maker is the ideal pick for espresso lovers that want an affordable and convenient machine to enjoy a variety of drinks.

2. Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine

The Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine has a retro look and is a gorgeous coffee maker that’s relatively easy and promises a steaming cup of delicious coffee.


  • Cleaning and using it both are easy
  • When placed on the counter, the unit looks incredible
  • Heats up quickly and the steamer is easy to use
  • It has a user-friendly control panel


  • It will take a little practice getting comfortable with its use
  • Its looks might clash with some kitchen designs

This coffee machine has a unique retro shape and an exquisite finish that successfully captures the eye. Plus, you can hardly miss the embossed Smeg logo.

Apart from the design, what’s further impressing is how easy it is to use. You only need to add your favorite blend in the stainless steel portafilter, choose your size, and then let it work its magic.

Similarly, you can easily get the hang of the milk frother and adjust the milk container’s angle until you find the sweet spot. Moreover, this unit comes with all the tools one might need for making their ideal cup, which includes a cup warming plate and a removable water reservoir.

While it works great and looks promising, the problem is that the art deco style it has might not go well with all kitchen styles. For instance, it might clash with modern kitchens.

Bottom line

Overall, this is a beautiful appliance that works well too. So, if you’re looking for design, style, and flavor from a machine, then the Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine should be your pick.

3. De’Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

If what you want is an affordable coffee machine for delicious coffee, then look no further than the DeLonghi Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker that offers 15 bar of pressure.


  • The machine heats up relatively quickly so it doesn’t long to prepare your favorite drink
  • The water-container can hold a decent amount of water
  • You can get a tasty brew with the right pressure
  • The coffee it makes is smoother, less foamy, has no bitterness, and is clearer


  • While the machine comes with a temper, it isn’t large enough
  • Cleaning it up is not so easy

This 15 bar pump coffee maker is one of the best semi-automatic espresso machines you’ll find in the market. In fact, one of its highlights is the 15 bar pressure pump. Thus, you can get the optimal brewing pressure to make your favorite drink.

Moreover, it allows you to experiment a bit with your coffee using the frothing wand and built-in tamper. Another great thing about this espresso maker is the fact that it can last for quite a long time thanks to its durability.

In addition, another thing that makes it stand out is its affordability. The drink it produces can compare to that made by many other high-end units. Why spend more when you can get the same, deliciously brewed coffee at a lower price?

One thing that might become a problem is its cleaning. It’s not so easy to do so and can become a hassle.

Bottom line

Keeping everything in mind, the DeLonghi Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is a good pick for those beginners looking for an espresso machine but are not yet ready to invest in a high-end automatic machine.

4. Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

If you want a barista-quality espresso that fuels you to help you make through your day, then the most ideal option for you is the Breville Infuser Espresso Machine. It comes with the features you need to make your drink barista-like!


  • Despite its relatively low price, it comes with a bundle of accessories
  • You can either choose the amount of coffee you want with the programmable volumetric control or have total flexibility by manual override.
  • You can get an even and perfect extraction with the help of the pre-infusion at low pressure
  • Since it comes with several cleaning accessories, maintaining this would be a breeze


  • It might break down after a few uses
  • The customer support is not up to par

At first, you might be confused with the low water pressure. However, it is intentionally done so that over-extraction is avoided. Another feature that makes this machine stand out is the auto-purge feature, which keeps the temperature constant after steam. So, each time, you will get an even espresso machine!

Moreover, the machine has volumetric programming, which allows you to choose between single and double shots. Also, the 15-bar pump ensures that the temperature is regulated precisely while the pressure gauge allows you to monitor the extraction pressure.

Perhaps, the greatest thing about this is it comes with several accessories including the filter baskets, coffee scoop, and a frothing jug. Not to forget, it also comes with all the cleaning equipment needed to keep your unit running well.

The only problem you might face with the unit is quality issues. After almost a year of regular use, it might stop working.

Bottom line

For the utmost user-friendliness and ergonomics from a coffee machine that makes brewing your coffee super easy, what you need is the Breville Infuser Espresso Machine.

5. De’Longhi BAR32 Retro 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

One of the most affordable and versatile coffee machines available today, the De’Longhi Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker allows you to make a rejuvenating cup of cappuccino or espresso just the way you like it.


  • It hardly takes up space on the counter
  • Heats up within 2 minutes and makes an excellent espresso
  • A platform inside the pod prevents dripping when emptying the pod
  • It is extremely easy to clean


  • The unit does not have any suggestions for coffee amounts
  • You won’t be able to fit a standard thermos or mug under the filter

A combination of modern innovative technology and contemporary design, this coffee machine looks great and delivers even better performance. Similar to other machines, the model allows you to choose from ground coffee or pods while giving you the option of a cappuccino or espresso as well.

It’s extremely simple and easy to use and does not require any special skills to operate. It further features two thermostats to ensure the right temperature for both steam and water.

Its self-priming operation eliminates the annoying and time-consuming start-up operation, while the swivel jet frother allows you to make your lattes and cappuccinos just right.

However, De’Longhi could include some suggestions for coffee amounts so coffee amateurs can start making delicious coffee right away!

Bottom line

The De’Longhi BAR32 Retro 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker provides excellent value for money. Its sleek and compact design makes it perfect for every kitchen counter, while its versatility allows you to make both cappuccinos and espressos. However, there a standard thermos or mug may not fit under the filter.

6. Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

A machine from one of the first coffee-maker manufacturing companies, the Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker takes care of the basics of brewing a rich espresso but gives you full control over the end product.


  • It’s extremely reliable and durable and does not require any maintenance or repairs
  • It’s extremely fast and easy to operate
  • The machine produces excellent coffee
  • The drip tray is easy to remove, drain, and clean


  • The model is a bit loud
  • The lack of a thumb clip on the portafilter holder might make refilling a bit uncomfortable

The portafilter comes with two different pressurized baskets – one designed to take ESE pods and one for ground coffee. Both baskets make a solid espresso without any tamping or weighing.

The machine also has a professional, non-pressurized basket which allows you to take things to the next level and develop your coffee-making skills.

It also features a bar pump with a high-voltage boiler, a frothing wand, measuring scoop, a 72-ounce water container, a tamper, and a hot water dispenser.

The Gaggia further allows you to choose between double-shot and single-shot espressos. The front of the machine also features an electronic display that shows the temperature and signal lights.

However, a thumb clip on the portafilter could be included to make the entire process much easier.

Bottom line

The Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker is one of the best models available today and can be easily used by even the most tech-illiterate coffee-lovers. While the machine is a bit loud, it allows you to discover your preferred blend.

7. De’Longhi Lattissima Original Espresso Machine

If you’re looking for a machine to use with your Nespresso capsules, then what you need is the De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine.


  • It is a sturdy machine which is sure to last a while
  • It has a stainless steel finish which matches most kitchen styles and designs
  • Since it has a bigger capacity, you can make several cups of coffee
  • Maintenance and cleaning are easy


  • You might need to purchase capsules separately, which are expensive
  • If it breaks down, you can’t service this yourself

The machine features the company’s patented technologies. For instance, it has the Latte Crema System, which can make cappuccino blends automatically. The second one is the Nespresso capsule system, which allows you to use your Nespresso pods to make delicious coffee.

At 12.6 pounds, it doesn’t weigh too much and has an ergonomic finish. In addition to that, there is a sensor touch display that allows you to program your unit. With the touch display, you can also choose different pre-programmed drinks.

In addition, cleaning this is easier than many machines. Plus, the electronic display shows the cleaning instructions when it senses that maintenance is required.

However, since it only produces the best results with Nespresso pods, you will have to buy them separately once you run out, and they can be pretty expensive.

Bottom line

If you can manage to buy Nespresso pods each time, then the De’Longhi Lattissima Original Espresso Machine is the machine you should go for if you want one of the best-tasting espressos.


Best Manual Espresso Machines

Why do some coffeeholics still prefer manual espresso machines over automatic ones? Because the barista skills are developed by yourself with manuals and it does not depend on just one click. To help you narrow the selection of products in the world of espresso, our experts have done an in-depth study to help you choose the best manual espresso machine.

1. ROK EspressoGC

The Rok EspressoGC is a manual espresso machine that will provide a different yet pleasurable experience on its own. You will get to grind the beans finely at the perfect pressure to get the perfect shot!


  • The machine is extremely affordable
  • The resulting beverage tastes pretty good
  • It is visually appealing and doesn’t require a lot of space
  • It promises simplicity in design and function


  • The instructions that come along are not up to par
  • Since some parts are plastic, they can break

The Rok Espresso is something entirely different, and unlike many famous espresso machines present in the market. For starters, it is manual while most machines on the market are either semi-automatic or automatic.

In addition, compared to other machines, this one is extremely simple. There are no frills and focuses on the functionality and basic purpose of the machine. It also doesn’t need electricity and is easy to use. You only need to push down on it to produce sufficient pressure.

Of course, the resulting drink will be different from the one you get from an automatic or semi-automatic machine, but the resulting beverage isn’t bad, especially with the right beans.

One problem you might come across with this is the instructions. While they are easy to follow, most of it is just bad advice that results in poor coffee. However, you can just watch some online tutorials to get the hang of it.

Bottom line

Overall, given its manual functionality, the Rok EspressoGC is a great option for espresso lovers that find themselves frequently traveling, particularly to places with an electricity problem.

2. La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Style Espresso Machine

If you don’t like automatic or semi-automatic machines doing all your work, and would like to get the satisfaction of putting in the hard work in making your cup, then the La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Style Espresso Machine is a great option.


  • It can make up to 8 cups in one go of various drinks including espresso, caffe latte and cappuccino
  • It has a stylish look that will make a great addition to your counter
  • It heats water quickly and works quietly to make a creamy cup of coffee
  • Due to its small size, you don’t need to have a dedicated corner for making coffee


  • Comes with a pretty hefty price tag
  • Cleaning it can be slightly difficult

This machine can be best described as a work of air, keeping in mind that it is made of debonair cast brass and is chromium plated. However, what sets it apart is that this isn’t a computer-operated or controlled machine. Instead, it requires you to do the job manually.

It is very simple to use. There is a lever which raises the piston and allows the water to infuse the coffee. So, when you pull the lever down, the water is forced through the coffee and right into the cup, resulting in a delicious beverage.

In addition, this strong machine can produce eight cups in just one go and can even be used to make semi-automatic cappuccino.

The only issue one might have with this unit is that it is pretty expensive.

Bottom line

The La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Style Espresso Machine promises a drink that tastes just like the drink that’s made by a barista. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, this is your pick!

3. Original Bialetti Moka Express

If you’re looking for an Italian coffee machine, then you just need to look at the Original Bialetti Moka Express. The name is enough to convince you to buy this since Bialetti is known as one of the best companies when it comes to stovetop coffee makers.


  • It is a highly efficient unit thanks to its octagonal shape.
  • It is easy to maintain because of its detachable body
  • The sleek design, along with varying sizes and colors make it suitable for many
  • The beverage it makes has a great consistency and is strong


  • For some, cleaning might be difficult since you can’t put this in a dishwasher
  • It can only be used on gas stoves

While its octagonal seems aesthetically pleasing, the shape is such that it increases the efficiency of the unit. The octagonal shape distributes heat evenly because of which you can get your perfect drink ready quickly.

While talking about the design, let’s not forget the compartmental design, which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, the polished aluminum body makes the unit more appealing to look at. Meanwhile, the well-insulated handle ensures that your hand doesn’t burn when you take the unit off the stove.

To further add to the user’s convenience, Bialetti has introduced this Italian espresso machine in different variants. So, depending on your needs, you can choose if you want a 1-cup, 3-cup, 6-cup, or 9-cup machine.

The only problem that must be highlighted is the fact that it can be restricting for some, especially those with an electric stove in their houses. While it will make your coffee on an electric stove, the results won’t be as good, and the machine might also get damaged easily.

Bottom line

If you want really strong espresso, the best to do so is to go for a stovetop coffeemaker, and in particular the Original Bialetti Moka Express. Along with a strong drink, you also get excellent consistency.

4. Wacaco Minipresso GR

The Wacaco Minipresso GR is one of the most portable coffee makers and is the best pick for those looking for a hot cup of delicious espresso on the go.


  • Given its portability and small size, it is great for numerous uses such as traveling and camping
  • It makes a cup in a very short time
  • It yields delicious coffee
  • It is operated manually, so you don’t need to look for an outlet for a cup


  • Cleaning can be slightly troublesome
  • If you make two cups back-to-back, it can be slightly messy

This is a cylindrical espresso machine that is made using sturdy plastic. What’s great about it is that it comes apart into pieces for easy storage and then can be put together into one unit.

Since this is a manual machine, you just have to add water and coffee and get to work. There’s a pump that’s present on the side of the cylinder that pops out so that you can make your drinks. After some priming pumps, you will see your coffee coming out.

While it is not a substitute for an automatic machine for a serious coffee lover, it will make an affordable addition to your coffee paraphernalia, so that you can have an espresso shot anywhere you are.

The only thing is that it can make a little mess so you might find yourself cleaning after this machine often.

Bottom line

Those who love to go on frequent trips, whether it is for business or things like camping or fishing will find the Wacaco Minipresso GR to be very useful and convenient.

Best Bean-To-Cup Espresso Machines

It is said that using the best bean to cup coffee machines helps you to make coffee-style drinks right at home or office. A bean-to-cup-coffee-machine has a 3-in-1 function. It shows that a coffee-grinder, an espresso maker, and a milk-frother are all integrated into one. Let’s refer to the top bean-to-cup-espresso machines right now.

1. Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL

Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine is the amalgamation of precision and power. At an affordable cost, it brews delicious espressos.


  • With the advanced technology, you get control over the drink you want.
  • Despite competing with top brands, this machine is available at an affordable cost.
  • It comes with multiple features and functions.
  • The grinder works perfectly and is easy to clean.


  • It must be cleaned regularly.
  • It isn’t suitable for producing high volumes of coffee.

The greatest thing about the machine is that it takes away all the guesswork out of making espressos. This is because of features like the integrated burr grinder and the thermocoil heating system.

Moreover, the machine comes with all that you need for brewing delicious espresso. These things include 360-degree steam wands, dual wall filters, and stainless steel burrs. In fact, you can get all of this at a very menial price!

The machine is quite convenient too. With its adjustable settings, you can play around with the grind sizes and temperatures to get your ideal drink. Meanwhile, the removable filters and tampers offer even more customization options.

However, despite its ability to make you your favorite drink, you can’t use it to brew coffee for when you have a lot of people waiting for their drink.

Bottom line

The Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine provides you the best value for money, even if it can’t produce large volumes in one go. It provides functionality, speed, and power all together.

2. EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine Barista Bundle

If you want a highly versatile barista coffee machine that makes all sorts of drinks, then the most fitting machine for you is the EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine Barista Bundle.


  • Despite its affordability, you can be sure to get top-notch quality
  • It is easy to clean and doesn’t take too long
  • Since it is highly versatile, it lets you make a range of drinks including macchiato, latte, Americano, cappuccino, and of course, espresso
  • Setting it up is also easy and doesn’t take long; up to 45 seconds


  • Some might find the espresso shots to be too watery
  • The machine might not last long, particularly the steam option

Perhaps the greatest thing about this coffee unit is that it comes with nearly all the accessories needed to brew a variety of drinks. For instance, it comes with the 15-bar espresso machine along with a bean grinder and a tamper for your desired shot.

In addition, the unit comes with a filter, ceramic espresso, and frothing cup for your favorite drinks. However, what makes it one of the best espresso makers is that it makes you a variety of short espresso variations. On the other end, it lets you make milkier drinks if that’s what you prefer.

Apart from its versatility, another highlight of the unit is the large transparent tank which allows you to monitor the water level easily. It’s also easy to clean due to the removable drip tray, frothing device, and tank.

Although, if you’re looking for a quality machine that will allow you to make different drinks for years on end, then this isn’t the best option.

Bottom line

EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine Barista Bundle is an affordable machine that lets you mix up your drinks once in a while if you get tired of drinking espresso daily.

3. DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker

The DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker is a fantastic cappuccino and espresso maker designed by one of the most popular brands on the market. Its sleek, innovative design allows you to make a delightful cup of espresso!


  • The water holder is large, easily cleanable and removable
  • It provides excellent value for money
  • Gets in pressure within 2 minutes
  • Good clearance under the filter allows you to fit a standard mug easily


  • The steam wand is a bit short
  • The machine needs to be cleaned frequently

Featuring a unique, patented dual filter holder, the machine allows you to use both espresso pods and your ground coffee. The two separate thermostats further regulate the temperatures of both steam and water, while its self-priming operation ensures a smooth and quick startup.

It’s also equipped with a user-friendly frothing system that mixes steam and milk, producing a longer and creamier drink. Moreover, the stainless steel boiler is extremely durable, while the 15 bar pump pressure allows you to enjoy exceptional coffee from the comfort of your own home.

However, the design of the steam wand could be improved, so coffee-lovers can easily make an aromatic cup of coffee.

Bottom line

All in all, the DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker produces the perfect crema with a rich taste. It’s sleek, simple, and easy to operate, making it perfect for individuals looking for a good, slightly more complex machine. However, you’ll have to clean the machine frequently.

4. Keurig Platinum Brewing System

A sleek, compact, and beautiful single-serve espresso and coffee maker, the Keurig Platinum Brewing System is perfect for every countertop and boasts all the simplicity that pod lovers have come to expect.


  • Blue LED lights give a backlight, allowing you to see the water level in dark conditions
  • The machine comes with a wide variety of K-Pods to choose from
  • The instructions are extremely easy to follow
  • The unit brews a fresh cup of coffee in under 3 minutes


  • The coffee produced is a bit weak and might be unsuitable for individuals who like stronger coffee
  • The Keurig might start short-cupping after a few months of use

Equipped with five brewing size options, this machine allows you to make anything from a drip coffee to a single espresso. You can also adjust the brew temperature, while the removable drip tray helps make cleanup easier.

The front control panel contains menu options, including temperature adjustments, brew sizes, and time-setting. You can also set the machine to turn on and off at a certain time, so the water will be warm when you wake up.

The machine also features a generous removable reservoir that can hold approximately 10 cups of water, while its Quiet-Brew technology ensures a quiet operation.

However, the machine may start short-cupping after a few months. If this happens, you will have to give it a good shake to get it working again.

Bottom line

The Keurig Platinum Brewing System is the perfect option for busy coffee lovers who want a delicious, quick cup to start their day. It also spares you the trouble of worrying about the right type of K-cups. However, it might not be ideal for individuals who prefer strong coffee.

Types of Espresso Machine

Automatic Espresso Machine, Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine, Super-Automatic Espresso Machine, and Manual Espresso Machine are the main types of coffee machines. Let’s find out and evaluate each of these machines.

1. Automatic Espresso Machine

An automatic espresso machine uses an electric pump and an automatic delivery system. This means it determines the amount of water and coffee for brewing. You don’t have to do it on your own which makes it the easiest and fastest to use.

Such an espresso machine is simple and effective. Where a semi-automatic machine gives you some control, a fully automatic espresso machine doesn’t. It’s completely automated and user-friendly to fire out as many espresso shots as you want.

2. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Similar to an automatic coffee maker, a semi-automatic has an electric pump. But you can control like the flavor and coffee extraction. This is why semi-automatic machines are relatively expensive than automatic.

And at the end of the day, they deliver delicious and tasty espresso. Especially if you’re a coffee enthusiast who understands the essentials of making espresso at home.

3. Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

A super-automatic espresso machine is easier than a fully automatic. All you have to do is place a cup underneath the spout and press a button. It takes care of everything. It’s the ideal choice for beginners. And for people who are concerned with drinking their coffee every morning. It’s okay if they don’t get involved in the whole coffee extraction process.

Super-automatic espresso machines come with many interesting features. Since it’s all fluidly automated, the performance is quick and efficient. Therefore, the features like a built-in grinder, programmable drinks, steamer, etc. are impressive.

4. Manual Espresso Machine

A manual espresso machine is for the coffee connoisseur. It’s for someone who knows and appreciates the effort of making espresso at home. A manual espresso maker has a lever or a spring-piston system. You have to do everything on your own.

The best part about using a manual espresso machine is that you get to control everything. This affects the flavor, heat, and intensity of the coffee. And do it a few times and you’ll soon become the master of making coffee at home.

The parts and design of a manual espresso machine are premium. So, it’s expensive but built to last for a very, very long time.

Important & Quick Features to Consider

Before choosing an espresso machine, you need to consider some important features. Our information below will certainly suit you.

#1 User-Friendliness

This depends upon what you want in an espresso machine. Ease of use can mean automatic features, portion control, and programmability. Most people like to have programmable settings for specific drinks. Such as latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, etc.

Regardless, make sure you buy an espresso machine that doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make coffee. And it has an intuitive control panel with easy buttons and settings.

#2 Cleanliness

If you’re looking for the best espresso machine for home, you need hygiene. A sticky counter is a sore sight in any kitchen. What you need is a sleek, clean, and spacious espresso machine.

Look for features like a drip-tray that is easy to clean after you pull a shot or double shots.

#3 Additional Features

This includes a built-in grinder, cup warmer, milk frother, and water filter. Such features usually cost a bit extra. However, they improve the process of pulling espresso shots.

With a frother, for example, you can make creamy cappuccinos like in a café. With a built-grinder, you save up on the cost of purchasing a separate coffee grinder. With just a press of a button, you can your coffee such as in a bean-to-cup coffee maker.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs provide quick information to help customers make a purchasing decision as well as reduce your time. It’s one of the most important elements that help customers to make decisions that suit their needs.

1. How Does An Espresso Machine Work?

For this, you have to understand how a regular coffee machine is different from an espresso machine. In America, most coffee lovers use drip-style coffee makers. These prepare a delicious cup of coffee simply by pouring hot water through ground coffee. The temperature is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coffee, in this case, is prepared in about 6-8 minutes. This much time is more than enough for the rich, aromatic flavors of your favorite coffee to be extracted completely.

Now, here’s the deal about espresso machines. They prepare your coffee in a similar manner but with much less water. And, obviously, it’s with finer grounds. Along with at least 9 bars of pressure. This reduces the brewing time, which is only 30 seconds.

Espresso machines, no doubt, give you a stronger-tasting, creamier, thicker result than drip coffee makers. Also, a single espresso shot contains more caffeine as well. That is between 375 milligrams and 520 milligrams in every 7.6-ounce of coffee. On the other hand, 7.6-ounce of drip coffee has anywhere between 95 milligrams and 165 milligrams of caffeine.

Did you also know that you can prepare espresso even without an espresso machine? In that case, the espresso shot is an inferior one. Meaning it’s something you cannot compare with one made using a legit machine. The former doesn’t taste or even smell like true espresso. And that’s because of the absence of bar pressure during preparation.

This means manual espresso coffee makers are a less popular choice. Than their automatic and even semi-automatic siblings.

How Does An Espresso Machine Work

2. Should I Buy An Espresso Machine That Works With Beans or Pods?

Generally speaking, espresso machines that work with capsules or pods are more affordable. In comparison to authentic or traditional espresso machines. However, you need to understand here that pod machines require pods, which are generally very expensive.

Keeping that in mind, the automatic version seems like a more money-friendly option. It’s just the initial cost of the espresso machine that you have to bear. That’s all.

In terms of convenience though, it’s obvious that pod machines are better in that aspect. This means you don’t have to struggle with using freshly ground coffee beans. Although it’s freshly ground coffee beans that yield the most delicious flavor.

Another drawback that pod machines offer is harming the environment. Because let’s face it, pods are no friends of planet Earth.

3. What Types of Coffee Beans Are The Best for Espresso?

If you’re a genuine coffee or espresso lover, then you might know the answer to this one. Brewing espresso demands dark roasted coffee beans. But why is that? It’s because dark roasts are packed with the most amount of natural, aromatic, rich, and healthy coffee oils. On top of that, dark roasted beans are also the least acidic.

When the natural oils are so abundantly present, they create that perfect thick golden crema. And this is something that almost all espresso enthusiasts expect from their shots, even me as a matter of fact.


Many people are unable to function and blearily wander around the kitchen until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. If the mention of espresso makes your heart beat faster, then you’re certainly one of these people and in dire need of a coffee maker.

Whether it’s a latte, a macchiato, a plain shot, or a cappuccino, there’s nothing in this world that compares to a good strong espresso made by the best espresso machine. To help you make the correct decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best coffee makers, so you can find one which helps you start your day right!