Best Pillows 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Harry Wilson
  Feb 8, 2023 7:03 AM

Finding the correct pillow might be difficult, but they play an important influence in how well you sleep, just like mattresses do. The scores of our test subjects, coupled with in-depth investigation and analysis, were used to determine our picks for the best pillows.

Pillowflex Synthetic Down Pillow Insert - 24x24 Down Alternative Pillow, Insert for Small Square Euro Sham, European Size Pillow - Polyester Accent Sofa Couch Bed Pillow - 1 Decorative Pillow Form

Do you want to sleep on more comfortable pillows? If you are serious about buying new pillows for your bedroom. You’ve come to the right place to look for them. This article talks not only about the best pillow reviews in 2020. But it also lays down the basics of choosing a pillow that’s best for you.

Don’t think there is only a single type of pillow for you. Your sleeping position impacts many other factors. Such as the thickness, fill type, and firmness. So when you spend one-third of your entire life sleeping, it’s time to do it well.

After sorting through plenty of pillows. The one that everyone liked and found most comforting is this one.

It’s the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow. It suits personal style preferences more aptly than others. It feels softer, smoother, and more defined. And available at an affordable price, it’s a great blend of comfort and support.

Choosing the Best Pillow Reviews 

Do you know what to look for in a pillow? Let’s take the guesswork out of buying the best pillow. And here are some important features of consideration for a pillow. They determine how soft, firm, and sturdy your pillow will feel.

But factors are incomplete without a reliable product backing it up. Change the way you sleep by choosing the pillow that’s only right for you. I have 10 outstanding pillow reviews for you to pick from.


In-depth Reviews

1. Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Memory Foam Pillow – Editor’s Choice

Have you heard the saying “trust your gut”? Well, this is what buying Coop Home Goods Premium Foam Pillow feels like. You can go with your heard and still buy out of the best pillow reviews 2020.
The fill is elastic, shredded visco, and memory foam. A triple-blend on the inside only favors the triple blend on the outside. And that includes the polyester and bamboo blend. The material is durable, snug, and fluffy.


  • The polyester and bamboo cover is machine-washable.
  • The fill is removable to adjust the shape.


  • It gets lumpy after a few machine washes.
  • It requires fluffing every week.

The fill is better to rest your head on than any other pillows I’ve seen. You wouldn’t want to put your neck and shoulders in danger by using a stiff but cheap pillow. The Coop Home Goods is known as the “Holy Grail” by some. For its outstanding performance, fluffing, and quality.

There will be no complaints about as long as you have this pillow in every room.

There are a lot of factors that make this memory foam pillow comfortable. I’ve already told you about its incredible fill and cover. What is left is what they can do to help you sleep better. And that is not because of any neck, back, or shoulder ache. Seriously, it’s a pain reliever instead!

The breathable bamboo cover reduces sweating and stickiness. The shredded elastic and visco keep your neck aligned. Not only is this pillow easy to sleep on, but it’s also a sleep-position enhancer.

This means you can sleep on your side, back, or face. And it won’t feel stuffy or stiff. Your head will sink into the fibers allowing your skin to breathe and feel comforted.

First off, you won’t smell a distinctive chemical-like odor when you take it out. It airs out evenly and beautifully just like a blooming flower! The material is firm but not stiff or flat to deflate after a few months.

The pillow is CertiPUR-US certified which means it contains no harmful chemicals. And it adheres to all necessary and effective home tests. Making it dust-resistant, hypoallergenic, and dust mite-resistant. So, nothing gets in or out of the cover – leaving the fill completely undisturbed and original.

2. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow Luxury Plush Gel Pillow – Best gel pillow

It’s about time you kept up with the sleeping trends of today. And that includes buying a reliable and effective plush gel pillow. The one that beats them all is the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow.


  • The fill is fade and stain-resistant.
  • Free of chemicals and artificial scent.


  • The firmness level is too soft.

The makers behind this pillow know the importance of a cooling effect. And that’s exactly what the gel fill inside the pillow does. It regulates temperature to prevent overheating. A huge plus for anyone loves pillows but finds that they can often get too warm.

With the cooling gel fill, you don’t have to bear the warmth of memory foam. The poly gel fiber is protected by a cotton filling cover. That is just as effective and solid at its job. The material is breathable, comfortable, and supportive.

The gel fiber keeps the pillow heavy but the cotton makes it feel lighter and softer.

If you struggle to sleep better, you need a comfortable pillow. A good, head-conforming pillow is what you need to take the stress away. These pillows are soft, plush, and have no odor.

The feel of the fabric is so soft and comforting, You won’t feel like leaving them for the rest of the day. It’s the best pillow for home use for someone who’s sick. And needs to be rest on the bed all day and night for a few days.

This pillow allows better breathability between its fibers. And can maintain an incredible fluff even after hard use. Gel pillows like these are impossible to find for such a great price.

It’s not enough to have a comfortable pillow on your bed. You need it to be as reliable and lasting as your mattress. And that includes repelling dust mites, germs, and mold. You know those black circles your old pillows are filled with that look like stains but are not.

These are caused by mold or mildew. They can irritate the skin or cause respiratory problems. If you’re already sensitive to chemicals and allergens, you need something more protected. Like this pillow’s mildew-, mold-, and dust mite-resistant material.

3. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow – Best microfiber pillow

How can you distinguish between a bad pillow and a good one? If it’s not the Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow. Then you’ve got the wrong one!


  • The fill does not lose its shape after washing.
  • The shell is airtight and sealed.


  • The size of the pillow is small.
  • The shell is not hypoallergenic.

Though the fill and cover of the pillow are made of microfiber. The inside is 750 GSM fiber filling while the outside has 96 GSM fiber shell filling. The material is double-corded which means it has protected edges. And it is carefully-engineered to ensure better support.

When you think of the best pillow reviews 2019 for support. And the first brand that comes to mind is the Utopia Bedding. Its fluffing pillows are soft, breathable, and smooth. Available in both queen and king sizes, the weight is incredibly light and firm to use.

If you’re going through a lot of pain. What you need is a balance between comfort and support. These pillows are softer with a touch of firmness. Making it good for people who like to move around while they’re sleeping from one position to another.

Resting your head completely on a pillow was not even thought of before this pillow. Now you don’t have to sleep halfway between the bed and the pillow. The pillow has a good enough loft to cradle your head. So it doesn’t feel like you’re resting your head on a rock.

Microfiber pillows have a bad rap because they don’t last for long. Generally speaking, they could go for as long as 3 months and flatten out completely. But not this one. Its incredible microfiber fill and shell protect the pillow from any misgivings.

This includes sweat, mold, and dust mites. Though it does not resist these elements, the material doesn’t do anything to attract it either. You can machine wash it with cold water using a mild soap or fabric softener to get rid of stains and odor.

4. BioPEDIC 4-Pack Bed Pillows – Best anti-odor pillows

There are two ways to deal with a bad situation. And one of the ways is to sleep. But it’s not okay if what you’re sleeping is just as problematic. That’s why you need the BioPEDIC Bed Pillows.

Taking a nap is never a bad thing. Actually, studies suggest that napping is healthy and helps you focus better. But only on pillows that 100% natural, clean, and effective. This pillow comes with a cotton shell known for its softness. And an ultra-fine polyester fiberfill known for its anti-bacterial properties.


  • Polyester repels moisture, odor, and bacteria.
  • The cotton shell is hypoallergenic.


  • They don’t last for very long.
  • The material feels cheap when compared to others.

But the fill does more than that. It also supports and holds your head up for better blood circulation. So that when you wake up you don’t have to face a stiff neck and aching shoulders.
The material is long-lasting, fresh, and customized to suit your varied preferences. It’s the universal choice for sleeping soundly through the night.

A cotton shell has many benefits. And since it touches your face and not the filling, it needs to be 100% natural. These ultra-fresh pillows are exactly what you need. They don’t overheat your bed. The polyester fiber inside the shell makes sure there’s no room for odor or bacterial growth.

Nor is there any ground for mildew or mold to take place. It’s a pillow that feels as good as it looks. The material is so squishy and soft you won’t feel an itch or pinch from sleeping on it all night.

The cotton and polyester speak for themselves, at this point. They’re both supportive materials that are great for year-long use. They can sit on your bed for as long as you want. And still, retain their original shape when you want to sleep.

And these pillows don’t have a weird smell when they’re new from the packaging. Nor do they look worn out if you use them daily.

5. WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Shredded Hypoallergenic Pillow – Best shredded pillow

This will be the first day of the rest of your life. You’ll experience something more dreamy, restful, and effective. And that’s possible only with the WonderSleep Premium Hypoallergenic Pillow.

This shredded pillow comes with a polyester and bamboo shell. And a shredded memory foam fill that lasts for a generation. Your days of experiencing neck and shoulder pain are over. All thanks to the fill’s therapeutic and customized feel.


  • The microfiber cover is dual-layered.
  • Hypoallergenic, washable, stay-cool material.


  • It does have a distinct chemical odor after opening.

The outer layer is polyester to provide support. While the bamboo offers better airflow and cooling. So it feels more personalized than any other shredded memory foam pillow.

From the choices still open to you, you should go with the one that’s natural and effective. And that, in these best pillow reviews 2019, is the WonderSleep Adjustable Loft Pillow.

The mind of this pillow is concentrated on one thing only. And that is to give you the best possible comfort that can be felt. If you thought your old pillow was the best, wait till you buy this one.

The shredded memory foam offers excellent body-contouring. And it accommodates all sleeping positions. The material cradles your skin and lets you align your movements effortlessly.

So when you wake up the next morning. You’re still free and flexible to go about your day. What’s also comforting about this pillow is that is it’s adjustable. You can remove the filling as per your liking.

This is to either increase or decrease the firmness level of the pillow. All you have to do is fluff the pillow when you’re ready and all is good in the world again!

I don’t have to tell you how durable polyester is as a fabric. But as a pillow combined with bamboo, it’s even more effective. It not only allows you to adjust your sleeping. But it also gives you noiseless and shiftless performance.

This prolongs the shredded memory foam’s shelf life. And gives you a wider gap between switching to a new set of pillows.

The pillows are washable. The zipper is durable and sturdy to use. You can remove or add more filling based on your firmness preference. The filling doesn’t get lumpy or collect in one place. It always distributes your weight evenly.

6. Z Memory Foam Pillow with Tencel Removable Cover – Best plush pillow

If all you know of pillows are their beaten-down and flat conditions. Then you need to buy something that refreshes your memory. The Memory Foam Pillow is a good reminder for such a purpose. It’s also one of the best pillow reviews in 2020.


  • The memory foam maintains body temperature.
  • A removable and washable cover for safekeeping.


  • It does have a distinct chemical odor after opening.
  • The pillow size is too long.

The fill is of a special kind with doughy and soft memory foam. This keeps the pillow soft and plush. And gives it a light loft – just the way you want it. There are other types that you can choose from.

Such as high loft with both firm and plush setting. Making this the most versatile pillow on the market. Its breathable structure is even more enhanced by its open cell technology. Helping hot sleepers breathe more easily and sweat less.

The shell, made up of high-quality materials, also has enhanced durability. It’s removable for better safe-keeping. And it protects the filling so that there’s no overheating.

I like this pillow for its breathability. For someone looking to get the most out of their sleeping time. Regulating body temperature is necessary. And this pillow helps you do that. It manages moisture and keeps the skin cool and dry.

You’ll love the level of resistance this pillow provides. The memory foam, being denser than standard pillows, is more supportive. No matter how many times you change your position. It doesn’t get flat or stiff or heavy with time.

This pillow is the most durable from a practical standpoint. It’s just right for sleeping on the side, back, and stomach. It’s soft yet has a low loft which is both plush and cushiony. The Tencel removable cover prolongs the shelf life of the pillow. Because no matter how dirty the cover gets, it never enters the filling.

You can wash the cover as many times as you want. And it still feels and looks as good as new. The thin frame and soft-level of firmness are ideal for the average sleeper.

7. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow – Best neck pillow

The impression EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow has on its users is spectacular. It deals with neck issues, allergies, and insomnia. It’s an all-rounder for therapeutic relief. And what are some of its special features?


  • Removable memory foam for adjusting the height.
  • Comfortable thickness for neck pain support.


  • It takes longer to air out in cool temperatures.
  • The white cover makes it harder to clean.

Made of memory foam, the outer shell is bamboo fiber. The pillow is intricately-designed to keep itself in shape and effective. You can wash the cover even though it’s chemical-free.

The memory foam filling is extra soft and firm with 20% more density. This means more support, cooling, and breathability. The air pockets in the memory foam do not fail to provide comfort when it’s most needed.

The pillow feels smooth, silky, and soft to touch. The loft is slightly higher which is good for relieving neck pain. But it’s not too high to feel uncomfortable between the neck and shoulders.

It gives more side comfort and is less squishy which is a good thing. You want a set level of firmness and contour of the neck that this pillow provides.

The foam has excellent contouring features. It goes back to its original shape even after long and hard use. The bamboo cover improves airflow from inside out.

The bamboo cover of the pillow is machine washable. But not the memory foam filling. The quality of the pillow is chemical and allergen-free. So if you’re sensitive to dust, this will not aggravate a reaction.

The best way to see better results from this pillow is to use it immediately. It doesn’t have any chemical scent. Nor does it feel flat or stiff after opening.

8. Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Adjustable Kool-Flow Bamboo Pillow – Best bamboo foam pillow

A basic bamboo pillow can do a lot of things for your sleep. It’s breathable, stable, and lightweight. Such pillows, like the Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Pillow, are excellent. And it’s often these that get picked up by people looking for a good night’s rest.


  • Mold- and dust mite-resistant.
  • Comfortable, light, and supportive.


  • It doesn’t have a zipper edge.
  • The tag on the side needs to be cut off.

The filling of this bamboo pillow is shredded bamboo with memory foam. It combines the conformability of memory foam and breathability of bamboo. All in a single piece of soft, plush, and comfortable pillow.

The bamboo filling is super-charged with kool-flow micro vented particles. This makes the pillow softer and moldable.

The shell is bamboo-derived and hypoallergenic. It’s thick enough to resist moisture and dust mites. And soft enough to contour to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders. And it still returns to its original shape when you don’t use it.

It’s pillows like these that go through strenuous standards. This means this best pillow is tested for comfort, stability, and support. So it ranks the highest on all counts.

What it offers in addition to support is temperature sensitivity. The bamboo cover is soft and offers better airflow from inside out. So what comes out is cool and dry – ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

Better temperature regulation also reduces sweating. Making the pillow a comforting choice for hot sleepers. And if you’ve been having neck issues your whole life. You can switch for better neck contouring and cushioning support.

Factors such as CertiPUR-US and hypoallergenic make a pillow durable. The materials used on this pillow are chemical-free, emission-free, and safe. This makes them last longer than most pillows on the market.

And it reaches a wider audience for their expert sturdiness and quality checks. The pillow is machine washable and dust mite resistant. You can also adjust the level of firmness you need. By adjusting the filling density before sleeping.

All these factors make this pillow a proud part of the best pillow reviews 2020.

9. Perfect Fit Gusseted Quilted Pillow – Best pillow for side sleepers

The Perfect Fit Gusseted Quilted Pillow is more specialized. It has the perfect design for a firm fit. This means less pain and more time spent in cozying up to the bed.


  • The filling is super soft and stays firm.
  • There is edge support for side sleepers.


  • The size is too large for a single bed.

The fill type is polyester fiber with hypoallergenic qualities. The cover includes two sidewalls to make the pillow sturdier. And the pillow, overall, has a better loft with stability. The filling is extra dense and firm. So they won’t go flat very fast.

If you need something to fill the space between you and the mattress. And it has to be supportive, not too tall, and a durable pillow. It’s got to be this one.

For someone who deals with sleep issues at night. You might find that a change in pillows is a quick fix. Especially if what you’re buying is this best pillow reviews 2019. It felts just right. With the best neck support and foam that cradles the back of your head.

If you sleep on your side, it aligns your neck and spine correctly. So you’re never frustrated when you wake up. Nor do you end up spending hours tossing and turning and fluffing your pillows all night long!

The double-corded edges speak for themselves. They’re super durable, reinforced, and stable. You won’t know a better and stronger pillow than this. It takes care of itself so you don’t have to.
The material is machine washable. The material feels smooth and soft to touch. The filling is made hypoallergenic, even though it’s polyester fiber. So it doesn’t attract dust mites, allergens, and other unwanted germs.

10. UTTU Sandwich Pillow Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow – Best orthopedic pillow

This pillow may outlive all your previous pillows for orthopedic use. The UTTU Sandwich Pillow is adjustable and supportive for the win. It’s dynamic and easy to use a pillow. With non-toxic fillings, you have nothing to worry about.


  • No chemicals, mercury, or lead found in foam.
  • The Dynamic Foam adapts to the shape of your body.
  • Easy to adjust and clean.


  • The memory foam is not soft.

The fill is shredded memory foam while the shell is bamboo. There is a blend of polyester and bamboo that works to protect the pillow. It is soft, lofty, and durable. This material blend also gives you a consistent firmness level.

It’s hard to find such outstanding performance for an orthopedic pillow. It works great for when you have a small or big bed. It accommodates all sleeping positions. And it is ideal for people with wider shoulders who need better neck support.

The comfort level of this pillow is unparalleled. You will never spend money on a better product after this. It allows you to adjust the height and loft of the pillow. Based on your changing sleeping positions from back to the stomach to side.

If you don’t like your head sinking into the pillow, you can remove a layer. But if you want the top half of your body to remain elevated. You can add a layer, too.

This pillow is so effective that it gives you results in less than 3 nights. So you experience no stiffness, no pain, and definitely no headache!

The body of this pillow is different but effective, nevertheless. The hypoallergenic, breathable, and durable construction make all the difference. The UTTU Dynamic Foam remains soft during the winter months. And the bamboo cover boosts airflow between its fibers.

The cover is removable and machine washable. With the CertiPUR-US, it’s made with no toxic chemicals. This adds to its shelf life while improving performance the more you sleep on it.

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What You Need to Know about Pillows – Buyer’s Guide

On average, a majority of you don’t even know what’s in your pillow. You can take as many guesses as you like. But you need to know more about your pillow than you think.
Important Features of a Pillow

1. Fill Type

At first glance, a pillow must look like the most basic thing to you. It’s a soft, cushiony mini-cloud you use for resting your head on. That’s about it, right? Wrong! It’s the fill type that either makes or breaks your pillow.

And based on the fill type, there are various types of pillows that you need to know about.

Down/Feather Fill

A down pillow has a lower loft, is lightweight, and feels soft. It’s got a feather-weight feel made up of fluffy feathers vacuumed inside air pockets.
Truth be told, down pillows are the most luxurious and expensive from the lot. They are super comfortable, breathable, and conformable. The feathers inside the down pillows are made hypoallergenic to prolong shelf life.

Synthetic Fill

Synthetic fill pillows contain polyester that offers better support. They offer head and neck support. Some high-quality synthetic fills are made hypoallergenic. Making them perfect for side and stomach sleepers. And the ideal choice for people struggling with sensitivity to allergens and dust.

Memory Foam Fill

Memory foam is denser than synthetic. It offers head and neck-contouring. And can be an excellent supportive pillow for side sleepers. Side sleepers need more firmness to align the neck and the spine.

And a memory foam fill can contour to the body. So your head doesn’t feel like it’s resting on a rock. And your neck doesn’t get stiff in the process.

You can also adjust the density of your pillows if they have memory foam. So they never go flat and are always firm. The bad thing about memory foam, though, is that they absorb heat. So you need to buy a combination of memory foam and latex or bamboo.

This improves breathability so the pillows stay softer in humid climates too.

Latex Fill

Latex is completely chemical-free and natural. If you experience frequent neck pain and stiffness. Latex pillows offer therapeutic benefits as they’re most cushiony. Truth be told, latex pillows feel more like a massage. But an expensive one.

Latex pillows are expensive and high-maintenance. You need to make sure you air them out properly. And if you’re sensitive to allergens, keep away from them.

Cotton Fill

Short-lived yet effective, cotton pillows are traditional choices next to synthetic. If you’re sensitive to smell, going for a cotton fill is your best option. It’s odorless, chemical-free, and well-ventilated.

But they do become hot and lumpy in humid weather. And they’re not so moldable as shredded memory or even gel-infused foam.

2. Pillow Size

If it’s important to know the size of your mattress. It should be important to determine the correct pillow size for you as well. There are 4 standard sizes of a pillow.

Standard size: It is approx. 20 x 26 inches. These are ideal bedroom pillows for most people.

Queen size: It is approx. 20 x 30 inches. You can pair a queen pillow with 2 standard pillows on a queen-sized bed.

King size: It is approx. 20 x 36 inches. Nothing beats a king-sized pillow on a king-sized mattress.

The size of a pillow determines how many you’ll need for long-term use. And what you need them for. If you want comfortable bedding for sleeping. Use fewer but more size-conscious pillows. If you like to set up your bed for the rest of the day. You will need to decorate your bed using different pillows of multiple sizes.

Caring for Your Pillow

Pillow care is a serious concern for those with allergies and dust mites. If you want your pillow to stay firm, cushiony, and plush. You have to do more than fluff them when making your bed. This should be your go-to checklist for taking care of your pillow.

Plump pillows daily: to keep them fresh, firm, and stable. Failing to do so will result in a flatter and clumped pillow.

Machine wash only if required: for pillows that allow you to do so. Washing your pillows once in 6 months can improve the quality of the fill. And get rid of any dust mites, allergens, or lumps from the pillow.

Use a pillow protector: A good way to prolong the life of a pillow, right from the start. It keeps the pillow clean, healthy, and dust-free. And you can keep washing the protector, even every week. Especially if you have pets and lots of lint to remove.

When to Buy New Pillows?

There will come a point when taking care of your pillow just wouldn’t be enough. You will need to replace them with new ones. And since you’re here already. Let’s look at the signs you need to look for before you decide to replace your pillows.

The ideal time to replace a pillow is 18 months. That’s when the pillow gets flat, damp, and feels lifeless. But what if your pillow doesn’t feel right way before you hit 18 months.
Shredded memory foam filling can last for longer than 18 months. Whereas, polyester and down pillows last for less than 18 months. The lifespan of a pillow also depends on the following factors.

You’ll know it’s time to buy new pillows when.

  • You can feel lumps in the filling especially around the edges.
  • You see round and discolored stains all over the cover. They could be sweat stains or food and oil stains.
  • Your neck and shoulders feel stiff every morning. Bad pillows also give you a headache.
  • You sneeze all through the night because of a dust mite infestation.
  • No matter how many times you fluff your pillow. It still feels stiff and flat.
  • The pillow folds in half without going back to its original shape.

Does Sleeping Position Matter?

If you’d like to match your sleeping position to the type of pillow, you need to ask yourself – what’s your dominant sleeping position? And if you don’t have a fixed answer (which is very common), you need options.

Side Sleeping

While it’s true sleeping on your side is good for your body. As it helps relieve gas and stomach pain. And it helps you breathe better, 70% of people sleep on their sides.

To do comfortably, you need a firm, maybe even an extra-firm pillow. Better neck and spine alignment are proper to maintain a cool and dry atmosphere. It can also have therapeutic benefits. From pillows made of shredded memory foam, latex, or bamboo.

Back Sleeping

Back sleepers need something to cradle their head on. So your head doesn’t sink in the pillow. But rather floats on the top of the pillow while offering support and contouring.

The height which is also the loft of your pillow should be medium. It is the ideal position to reduce snoring. You can even opt for a high loft to raise the head from the rest of the body. This helps with sleep apnea, back pain, and breathing difficulties.

Stomach Sleeping

Not many people sleep on their stomachs for a long period of time. But if you do, you need a flat and soft pillow. Something that contours to the shape of your head and neck.

If the loft of the pillow is too high, it can cause a sore neck. You need to match the natural curve of your neck with the help of a thin but supportive foam pillow.


Do you sleep on a pillow that you wished would feel fresh? Now you can, with these best pillow reviews 2020. You need something more attentive to your sleeping patterns. Something that tends to absorb less heat to make you sleep dry and cool. And not wake up with a stiff neck the next morning.

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